Monday, May 29, 2017

Shabbaton Parshas Naso in Kehillas Ashkenaz of Kiryat Sefer

Kehillas Ashkenaz  in Kiryat Sefer/Modi'in Illit is having a shabbaton this Shabbos, parshas Naso. Guest speaker הגאון רבי ישראל זיכרמן שליט"א
.רבה של אחוזת ברכפלד

The kehillah choir will sing during Maariv and Shacharis.

The Rebbetzin will address the women at the Shabbos day Kiddush.

Father and son learning with treats.

Kehillas Ashkenaz is a robust community with a dedicated synagogue building and weekday Minhag Ashkenaz minyanim.

I would assume that most of the speaking will be in Hebrew even though the community has a number of English speakers.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Shavuous Day Drasha, 5:30-6:30 Aish Kodesh, Upstairs

Shavuous Day Drasha

From the Garden of Eden to the Desert of Sinai:
Tracing the path through tohu v'vohu to Matan Torah

by Rabbi Tzvi Abraham

Aish Kodesh
Upstairs, 5:30-6:30 PM

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

For men and women. There will be a mechitzah,, 058-324-0374

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Monthly Chaburah

update: on hold

We are organizing a Chaburah to be led by R' Tzvi Abraham of our minyan to study customs of Ashkenaz.  Meets on Shabbos day after our Friday night minyan of each Rosh Chodesh. 4 PM, at Maasas Mordechai. 1 hour in length.

The topic of the first shiur:  Birchos Hashachar

We will examine the order of the blessings as they are listed in the Gemara, Siddur Tefilas Yeshurun, the siddur of Nusach Ashkenaz Poland and siddurim of Chochmei Askenaz, and  then address a macholekes between Rav Amram Gaon and the Tur, bringing to bear the opinion of the Agur.  In the course of the discussion, we will cite Tosephos, Tosephos Harosh, and the Taz on the Tur, and examine interpretations of brochos in the Siddurim of the Rokeach and Yaakov Emden.   If there is time, we will consider the position of the Mishneh Brurah (Shulchan Aruch siman 46, sif 5) and whether it applies to Yekkim who daven nusach Ashkenaz Mesores Ashkenaz.